What we do

Positive Ageing Associates is a consultancy which concentrates on promoting positive approaches to ageing.  The generally negative attitudes towards ageing and older people are unhelpful for society as a whole and can have a particularly damaging impact on individuals.  We focus instead on the positive aspects of ageing and our ageing society and bring an ‘asset based’ approach to as many of our initiatives as possible.

We promote positive approaches to ageing at a number of levels:-

  • for INDIVIDUALS we have drawn on the research from social gerontology and humanistic psychology to develop personal development courses to help those approaching the transition into later life – typically those in their 60’s and early 70’s.
  • for COMMUNITIES where we undertake a number of initiatives which take the theory behind positive ageing and turn it into a reality for people in the wider community
  • for ORGANISATIONS where we work with public sector organisations to promote more positive approaches to preparing for an ageing society.

To discuss our work or to request assistance with issues relating to ageing please contact:  guyrobertson@positiveageingassociates.com

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