Analysis of Research

There is a very large volume of research generated on the emotional and psychological aspects of ageing.  Unfortunately, most practitioners and policy managers working in the field of ageing are unaware of this material.  The mainstream ageing field appears instead to be dominated by sociological oriented research.  Whilst this perspective is extremely important, it is insufficient on its own and thus fails to provide the more rounded or holistic perspective.  What we really need is a truly psycho-social perspective.  One that includes the inner world of older people as well as the external conditions.  This section of the website aims to provide some of the more psychologically oriented research.  It does so by analysing, synthesising, interpreting and then presenting this evidence in a readily intelligible format.

Measuring Attitudes Towards Ageing

The role of mindfulness meditation in supporting people with dementia to live well

Impact of Ageism on Health and Wellbeing outcomes in Later Life





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