Addressing Loneliness

Measuring the impact of actions to address loneliness

Positive Ageing Associates were commissioned by the Campaign to End Loneliness to work with stakeholders to design a tool to enable practitioners or voluntary organisations to measure the impact that their work has on the loneliness experienced by older people.

Guy involved a wide range of stakeholders in the work and started off by conducting several ‘focus groups’ to test out older people’s views about the language we use and the level of questioning that older people will tolerate. An outcomes framework was developed and used as a way to organise the possible questions. Several versions were developed and assessed before piloting with over 800 older people.

The new tool has now been developed, piloted and validated. To find out more about the tool and how to use it click here.

This is an exciting initiative which could have an important impact on the commissioning of services to address loneliness.