Personal Development

At Positive Ageing Associates we have become increasingly interested in the research emanating from the fields of social gerontology and positive psychology about the emotional and psychological dimensions of ageing. In our experience this is an area which receives little attention in the health and social care literature or in any of the mainstream media.  This is a shame because there are some very important messages and techniques for preparing for later life.

As a result, Guy and colleagues, including Miriam Akhtar have developed a personal development course targeted at people in their 60’s to enable them to take more control and prepare more effectively for their later years.  Some of it is about challenging the numerous myths and misrepresentations that are perpetrated about ageing and older people. However in the courses we move beyond that and employ some of the change techniques from humanistic and positive psychology as a way of supporting a better transition into later life.  We believe that we are breaking new ground here and having piloted our product we are selling positive ageing personal development courses on the open market.  Once this strand of the work is more developed our intention is to work with employers to develop pre-retirement courses which go beyond the normal practical issues and move on to addressing the inner world of ageing.

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To see a very interesting video clip where Jane Fonda gives a TED Talk about new approaches to ageing positively click here.