Transitions in Later Life

Positive Ageing Associates were commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation to undertake a wide ranging literature review of Transitions in Later Life.  A copy of the review can be found here.

Reviewing later life as a series of transitions provides a much more dynamic and realistic approach to understanding the lives of older people than traditional approaches which focus on chronological age.  A life course approach much better reflects the way that older people experience life.  And the conceptualisation of life events as ‘transitions’ encourages people to begin to see these events as emotional processes that they undergo and can emerge from.

The Gulbenkian Foundation commissioned the work to help it gain an insight into this way of conceptualising later life in order to inform the development of the next phase of the foundation’s next phase of it’s programme on ageing.  As a result the Foundation established a new “Transitions in Later Life Programme”, details of which can be found here.