Volunteering and Active Ageing

Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity – the contribution of volunteering and civic engagement

Positive Ageing Associates were commissioned by Volunteurope (the European network for volunteering and active citizenship) to research and write a major report on the role of volunteering and civic engagement in supporting active ageing.  Drawing on the experience of Volunteurope members, stakeholder workshops and desktop research, the report outlines a wealth of innovation and good practice around the following themes:-

  • promoting volunteering by older people
  • making the shift to an “asset based” approach which seeks to recognise, value and support older people’s abilities and  competencies
  • supporting older people with Dementia to live well
  • promoting “employee volunteering” as a part of the transition into life post paid employment
  • addressing loneliness and isolation
  • promoting life long learning
  • encouraging a ‘step change’ in inter-generational activity
  • developing innovative approaches to volunteering and civic engagement

Guy wrote the report which was launched at the Volunteurope Conference in Florence.  The report “Active Ageing and Solidarity between the Generations: the contribution of volunteering and civic engagement in Europe” can be accessed by clicking here.

An article written for the journal Working with Older People can be accessed by clicking here.  This article was judged to be “Outstanding Paper of 2013″.